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Ray Devine is part of media where songs, artworks, videos, books and photographs were changed from its original form by the process of removing, adding, and changing its parts. Remix changes and appropriates some materials in the item to produce something new.
Normally, remixes were associated with songs and music. They are remixed for different variety of reasons:

  • Revise or adapt for nightclub and radio play
  • Creating a surround sounding version or stereo of song whereas not previously available.
  • Improving the fidelity of old songs when its original content was degraded or has been lost.
  • Changing the songs to harmonize with a specific radio format or music genre.
  • To allow the songs reach different set of audiences
  • To change the songs for several artistic purposes.
  • Providing the songs an additional version for bonus tracks purposes.
  • To make a connection between the successful artists and smaller artists.
  • To improve and give a better impact for the songs.

Remix is different from edit. Edit usually involve the shortening of a final master of stereo for broadcasting and marketing purposes. Another difference should also be made between a cover and remix. Remix is a combination of audio pieces to create another recording version of the song and a cover is a song recording that has already been recorded by its original singer.